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, they still have some feelings lingering from the nato action there. so we have to be intelligent in the way we go about it. but make no mistake about it, we should do everything we can to see that the will of the serbian people expressed in this extraordinary election is done. and i hope that he'll be out of office very shortly. >> governor bush, one minute. >> well, i'm pleased with the results of the election. as the vice president is. it's time for the man to go. it means that the united states must have a strong diplomatic hand with our friends in nato. that's why it's important to make sure our alliances are as strong as they possibly can be to keep the pressure on mr. milosevic. but this will be an interesting moment for the russians to step up and lead as well. be a wonderful time for the russians to step into the balkans and convince mr. milosevic that it's in his best interest and his country's best interest to leave office. the russians have a lot of sway in that part of the world. we would like to see the russians use that sway to encourage democracy to take hold. it's an encoura
, which is ipation of american forces in nato, the greatest peace keeping organization ever made today. you got problemeurope, still bubbling along, even though europe is going democracy's oute, but we are there, and i think this insurance policy is nece i think it goes with world leadership, and i think the levels we have come up with just about right. >> mr. perot, one minute, sir. >> if i'm poor and you're rich, and i can get you to defend that's good, but when the tables turned, i will do my share. right now we spend $300 billion a year on defense. the japanese spend around $30 billion, the germans spend around $ billion in europe. for example, germany will spend $30 million building an infrastur over the next ten years, kind of easy if have ck up a $30 billion tab to defend your country. the european counity is in a position pay a lot more than they have in past. now that they can, they ld. we seem to have a desire to stay over there l. they don't want us to control it, very candidly, so i think it is very important for us to led them assume more and more of the burden and for us
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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